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#PaxThePony is ready to comfort and love to your airway warrior!

Pax comes with a removable #PaxThePony t-shirt and a Certificate of Adoption. 


Pax's Story

In the spring of 2016, Pax The Pony started to snore while sleeping in his stall at the therapeutic horsemanship barn he volunteered at. The barn manager said maybe Pax had a cold and should take a few days off. The next morning Pax decided to practice his trot in the paddock but quickly became winded and starting retracting. Before he knew it, the shy Shetland pony was being examined by an equine veterinarian who suggested Pax have a DISE (drug-induced sleep endoscopy) at the Hospital For Horses in Freehold, New Jersey. Pax was so scared to spend a night in the hospital, but he knew that he had to stay brave. After the test was over, Pax galloped back to the barn where the equine veterinarian told Pax that he had an airway disorder called Pharyngomalacia. The veterinarian explained that the walls of Pax’s pharynx were collapsing which was causing his retractions and snoring (obstructive sleep apnea). Pax now wears a BiPap machine during sleep so he can breathe easy. Knowing that the shy pony needed support, the Hospital For Horses gave Pax a Coping With LM flyer and told him to join their support group on Facebook. Pax now has the love and support from Lu The Lamb and Bri The Bunny as he copes with PM!

Pax The Pharyngomalacia Pony

  • You may wash Pax in the washing machine with cold water, lay flat to dry. 

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