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Our Mission

is to provide support, strength, and education for families coping with laryngomalacia, tracheomalacia, bronchomalacia, and pharyngomalacia. 

Our Motto

Together we are stronger than stridor! 

Meet Our Volunteers

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Stephanie Hueston

Founder and Board President

Stephanie founded Coping With LM in 2010 shortly after her daughter had surgery (a supraglottoplasty) to help treat life-threatening laryngomalacia. For the last decade, Stephanie has volunteered her time, passion, and heart for the cause.


In 2017, Stephanie co-wrote the first-ever Malacia e-Book with Dr. Prasad Thottam D.O, FAAP, and Dr. Suzanne Forman, D.O. 


Stephanie has also studied Nonprofit  Management and Financial Management For Nonprofits at Brookdale Community College (NJ).


Christine Amaro

Board Member and Treasurer

Christine is a founding member of Coping With LM. Her creativity and dedication have helped mold Coping With LM into the worldwide organization it is today.


In addition to being on the board and treasurer, Christine spends her free time supporting families who are navigating the world of airway malacia and feeding tubes.  


Tarah Barreras

Board Member and Program Assistant 

Tarah joined the CWL Team in 2017 and since then has advocated, supported, impacted the lives of hundreds if not thousands.

In addition to conceiving Coping With LM's famous #SuperSinceSupra phrase and Trey The Tracheomalacia Tiger, Tarah also oversees the Chibebe Snuggle Pod Program for the US and Australia.

Committed To The Cause

Daniel Paden, Vice President

Edith Hueston, Board Member

25+ airway advocates who volunteer their time daily.

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