Lu The Laryngomalacia Lamb

As a young lamb, Lu always sounded congested. Mama Ewe was reassured that little Lu was experiencing normal lamb congestion and it was nothing to worry about. But Lu also had trouble feeding. He would choke and spit-up during almost every feed. Because of this, little Lu struggled to gain weight. One day Mama Ewe was feeding Lu and he stopped breathing! Mama Ewe rushed Lu to the Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor. At the appointment, the doctor performed a scope called a laryngoscopy and diagnosed Lu The Lamb with life-threatening laryngomalacia. One week later Lu had airway surgery known as a supraglottoplasty to help treat his LM. Surgery was a success and ever since Lu has been breathing easy!

The Pharyngomalacia Pony

A new friend coming soon!

Bri The Bronchomalacia Bunny

Bri The Bunny was diagnosed with Bronchomalacia as a newborn bun. Shortly after Bri was born, her parents noticed that Bri made a funny noise when she was breathing.

Concerned, they hopped right over to the hospital so Bri could have a bronchoscope in the OR. The doctor said Bri’s Bronchomalacia was mild-moderate and she would need to wear CPAP during sleep to help her breathe. Thankfully Bri’s treatment plan is working, she is so HOPPY!

Thanks to, Bri’s parents were able to find resources, programs, and support. At a recent Malacia Meet-Up, Bri met Lu The Lamb and they have been BFF’s ever since! 

The Tracheomalacia Tiger

A new friend coming soon!

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