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What To Ask Before A Barium Swallow Test


How long will the test be?



Can I feed my baby prior to the test?



What should I do if my baby is breastfed and does not take a bottle?



My baby is on thickened feeds, should I bring his/her thickener?



What size bottle nipple should I bring?



Can I hold my baby during the test?



What postion will my baby be fed in?

Upright? Side-laying? On his/her back?



Will my baby experience any side effects from the barium?



Will my baby be constipated afterwards? If so, what can I do to help?



I am pregnant, can I still be in the room during the test?



My baby is on reflux medication, should I give him/her the morning dose?



What should I do if my baby wakes up with a fever the day of the test?

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