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#BriTheBunny is ready to comfort and love to your airway warrior! 

Measuring 7 inches long and 3 inches wide, Bri is the perfect size for little hands.

Bri comes with a removable #BriTheBunny t-shirt and a Certificate of Adoption. 


Bri's Story

Bri The Bunny was diagnosed with Bronchomalacia as a newborn bun. Shortly after Bri was born, her parents noticed that Bri made a funny noise when she was breathing.

Concerned, they hopped right over to the hospital so Bri could have a bronchoscope in the OR. The doctor said Bri’s Bronchomalacia was mild-moderate and she would need to wear CPAP during sleep to help her breathe. Thankfully Bri’s treatment plan is working, she is so HOPPY!

Thanks to, Bri’s parents were able to find resources, programs, and support. At a recent Malacia Meet-Up, Bri met Lu The Lamb and they have been BFF’s ever since! 

Bri The Bronchomalacia Bunny

  • You may wash Bri in the washing machine with cold water, lay flat to dry. 

    She really loves lavender scented soap ;)

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