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#TreyTheTiger is ready to offer comfort and love to your airway warrior!

Trey comes with a removable #TreyTheTiger t-shirt and a Certificate of Adoption. 


Trey's Story

Deep in a jungle in Asia, Trey The Tiger was born. The smallest of three cubs, Trey always had a hard time crawling to his mother to nurse. His back paws were weak and his head was floppy. One morning Papa Tiger took his cubs for a long walk down to the river. Sadly, tiny Trey could not keep up. The tiger cub kept coughing and made a rattling sound when he exhaled. Worried, Papa Tiger took Trey to the local big cat doctor who ordered a sedated brain MRI and bronchoscopy. A few hours later, the doctor came in. “Trey is tricky,” the doctor said as he handed Papa Tiger a Coping With LM brochure. “Your cub is what we call medically complex. He has more than one diagnosis.” Papa Tiger’s heart sank. The doctor explained, “The rattling sound, stridor, Trey makes when he breathes is because he has an airway disorder called Tracheomalacia. TM, as we call it for short, is when the tracheal cartilage rings are soft and partially collapse when the cub exhales. The back paw weakness Trey is experiencing is called hypotonia. It can be caused by a variety of conditions however since Trey also has TM, I think your tiger cub has an underlying genetic condition." Papa Tiger took a deep breath. “We’ll refer Trey to a geneticist who specializes in big cats and order a sleep study to make sure Trey doesn’t have any apnea from his TM,” the doctor concluded and left the exam room. Papa Tiger looked over at Trey and gave a chuff. Trey's bright eyes widen, “Papa! Do you know what I learned to do while I was waiting in the pre-op room?” “No my tiny Trey, what did you learn to do?” Papa Tiger asked eagerly. Trey The Tiger got up and let out the loudest roar Papa Tiger had ever heard.

“Papa, I learned to roar,” said Trey proudly. 


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Trey The Tracheomalacia Tiger

  • You may wash Trey in the washing machine with cold water, lay flat to dry.

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