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Questions To Ask Before A Sleep Study


Should I let my baby nap during the day of the sleep study?


How many parents/caregivers stay during the test?

Will a bed be provided for them?


Will I be able to co-sleep with my baby?


Will my baby be sleeping in a crib or in a bed?


My baby is on oxygen, will the test be done with or without oxygen?


What happens if my baby doesn't go into REM sleep?


What happens if my baby doesn't sleep for a total of four hours during the study?


How can I help comfort my baby during the study hook-up?

What should I pack for my baby?


Will parents/caregivers have acess to food during the stay?


My baby normally nurses to sleep, will I be able to nurse him/her?


How long after the study can I expect results?


Will you be doing an EEG with this sleep study?


What happens if my baby has an apena event during the study?


Will you be doing a pH Probe with this sleep study?


My baby is on reflux medication, should I give him/her the morning dose?


What is the difference between Central Sleep Apnea and Obstructive Sleep Apnea?


What time is the test offically over? Can we leave right away?


What should I do if my baby wakes up with a fever the day of the test?






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