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Why Coping With LM Asks For Handmade Blankets

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

It was June of 2010, somewhere in the middle of the night and early morning. I sat at my computer, starring into the computer screen. A handful of Google search tabs were opened, laryngomalacia, supraglottoplasty, surgery for an infant, what to pack for a hospital stay.

Earlier that day, I signed the pre-op papers for my four month old daughter to have airway surgery. She had life threatening laryngomalacia, severe apnea, GERD, bradycardia, left ventricular hypertrophy, and feeding difficulties that left her gasping for every breath.

Medical intervention was needed and it was needed as soon as possible.

Stridor filled our house. Loud and forceful then somehow comforting; at least I knew she was breathing. The lump in my throat and tightness in my chest was a constant reminder of what laid ahead, the thought of laying my baby into the arms of a surgeon made my physically ill.

I knew I couldn't change what was about to happen but I could do my best to make her comfortable. I spent hours searching online for a blanket, I wanted it to be soft and warm.

I wanted her to feel wrapped in love and strength.

Would a Carter's blanket hold the same significance? If I purchased a blanket from Etsy, would the seller know my baby was about to have life saving airway surgery? Could he/she even pronounce laryngomalacia?

Unable to make a decision in mist of the storm, I brought a generic baby blanket to the hospital. As I sat in PICU and watched her breathe, I couldn't stop wishing she had something more.

As the months went on, my daughter began thriving.

Surgery was a success and my baby was finally breathing easy!

It was time to help others.

Coping With LM's Care Package Program was created and shortly after, donated handmade blankets were being given to babies recovering from airway surgery, all around the world!

Last year alone, Coping With LM gave 106 blankets from California to Canada to Ireland and beyond!

No longer are babies with airway disorders laying in cold, sterile hospital beds.

They are now wrapped in love and strength!

"Receiving a care package from Coping With LM made me feel like I wasn't alone, supported, cared for, wrapped in the kindness of that beautiful handmade hat and blanket."- Gillian

The love and time every donor puts into each blanket does not go unnoticed. From a mother who wished for her baby to be wrapped in such beauty, I thank you.

Read Coping With LM's blanket request press release that went viral in 2018.

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