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What To Ask Your Child's Neurologist

While we are still uncertain the exact cause of disorder, the most common theory describes laryngomalacia as a delay in neurological function and tone of the laryngeal structures above the vocal cords. Many children with moderate to severe airway malacia will eventually see a pediatric neurologist to discuss any underlying neurological disorders. In an effort to help prepare you and your family for the appointment, Coping With LM has compiled a list of suggested questions to ask your child's neurologist.

1. Do you believe genetic testing should be done? If yes, for which genetic conditions/disorders?

2. Do you suspect CHARGE Association, Pierre Robin Sequence, 22q11 Microdeletion Syndrome (DiGeorge syndrome) or Chiari Malformation?

3. Do you suspect a seizure disorder or Panayiotopoulos Syndrome? If yes, when should I call 911?

4. Do you suspect Hydrocephalus or Ventriculomegaly?

5. Do you suspect my child has Hypotonia, a developmental delay, Cerebral Palsy, Dysphagia, or Microcephaly?

6. If Central Sleep Apnea (CSA) is present: what is the cause, treatment (CPAP, BPAP, Adaptive servo-ventilation and/or supplemental oxygen), and prognosis?

7. Do you suggest any of the following tests? If no, why not?

Sleep Study with EEG

Brain CT Scan

48+ Hour Video EEG

Sleep Deprived EEG

An Early intervention Evaluation


8. How can I get in touch with you after office hours?

9. Are any specialist (pulmonologist, cardiologist, gastro) follow ups needed?​​

10. What hospital are you affiliated with?​

11. What is your Emergency Appointment Policy? Can my baby be seen the same day I call?

12. Does your office offer an online medical portal?

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