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  • Emma Weiss, CWL Volunteer

What To Ask Your Medical Equipment Company

A list of suggested questions to ask your child's Medical Equipment Company.

1. Do you supply different types of syringes? If so what kind? ​ 2. Do you supply formula? 3. How fast is shipping? ​ 4. Is there someone available 24 hours for questions? ​ 5. If I need something after hours urgently is there someone available to bring it to me? ​ 6. How do I request certain items? ​ 7. Do you offer multiple types of feeding pumps? Apnea monitors? Pulse Ox? Oxygen? ​ 8. Is there a limited number of supplies I get a month? ​ 9. When needing something new do I call or does my doctor have to send in the order? ​ 10. Which doctor needs to send in if the order is needed? The specialist or can it be a pediatrician? 11. How far in advance do I need to order? 12. When are supplies shipped? 13. If I need to make changes to my order how far in advance do I need to call? 14. What do I do if something is missing or wrong from my order? 15. If I do not need a certain item anymore do I notify someone to change that?

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