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What To Ask Your ENT


How severe is the Laryngomalacia? Do you suspect Tracheomalacia or Bronchomalacia?

During the scope, was GERD (reflux) present? How severe? What is the treatment?

 If surgery is needed, how many surgeries (supraglottoplasty) have you (the ENT) performed?​       


Will you perform a Bronchoscope during surgery?


What are your thoughts about second and third surgeries?


If surgery is not needed, how long is the watch and wait period?

When do I need to call 911?

Do you suggest any of the following tests? If no, why not?

                  Sleep Study

                  Barium Swallow

                  Chest/neck X-ray


What are signs/symptoms my baby is aspirating his/her food?

Are there any home remedies I can do to help improve the symptoms?


When do you believe my baby’s symptoms will improve?

How can I get in touch with you (the ENT) after office hours?

Are any specialist (pulmonologist, cardiologist, gastro) follow ups needed?

What hospital are you (the ENT) affiliated with?

What is your Emergency Appointment Policy? Can my baby be seen the same day I call?

Can you please forward your diagnosis and summary to my baby’s pediatrician?  


I would also like a copy of each for my own records.​

For the printer friendly version click here.


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