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How To Support A Family Who Is Coping With Laryngomalacia

You are scrolling through your news feed and see a post from an old friend, her baby was just diagnosed with life-threatening laryngomalacia. Her eight-week-old is now having emergency surgery.

Your son just called you at work (something he never does), the doctor just prescribed your grandchild an apnea monitor. The medical supply company will be delivering it tonight.

You're babysitting your niece for the first time. She is choking with every feed, her stridor is so loud despite position changes, how does your sister cope with this?

Since there is no prenatal test for laryngomalacia (Polyhydramnios may be a marker though), every family who receives the diagnosis of mild to life-threatening laryngomalacia world is turned upside down.

Feeding difficulties to blue spells to major airway surgery, these parents are in desperate need of love and support.

So what can you do to help?

Stephanie says, "Offer to bring food or help clean the house. Be a listening ear."

Tiffany says, "Don’t come around when you have or have been exposed to illness, wash your hands before touching baby, don’t smoke before being around the baby."

Erica says, " Just ask. My support needs are different each day."

Erin says, "Please get CPR/First Aid Certified."

Lisa says, "Ask about doctor appointments and offer to watch the siblings."

In addition to wearing a mask while visiting, ordering dinner, and checking-in often; friends and family can also show their support by donating in the child's name to Coping With Laryngomalacia.

Did you know?

Laryngomalacia causes a significant burden on patients and their families due to eating problems, feeding problems, hospital stays, and other various conditions associated with the disease. So please take a few minutes of your time this week and go show them you care.

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