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July 10th Proclaimed As Airway Day

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Middletown, New Jersey: On June 20, 2022, Coping with Laryngomalacia (CWL) founder Stephanie Hueston stood alongside long-time volunteer Christine Amaro and accepted the Middletown Township Committee's proclamation recognizing July 10, 2022, as World Airway Disorders Day.

Middletown resident Stephanie Hueston founded CWL after her daughter underwent surgery to treat her life-threatening laryngomalacia back in 2010. For over a decade, the top-rated Belford-based nonprofit has provided support, strength, and education for families coping with airway malacia.

CWL offers peer-to-peer support, resources, and important programs including the Breathe Easy Care Package Program where they give handmade blankets to wrap children in love and hope.

In many ways, CWL is a refuge from the storm their caregivers never saw coming. As of July 7, 2022, there is still no prenatal test for airway malacia.

CWL Founder Stephanie Hueston and Christine Amaro stand with Mayor of Middletown Tony Perry during the proclamation ceremony.

CWL was honored to stand with Middletown Township for the first-ever proclamation for World Airway Disorders Day. The organization plans on this being the first proclamation of many as its Airway Advocates are working hard to bring more awareness to their local states and towns.

Stephanie Hueston ended her proclamation acceptance speech with tears running down her face, "This proclamation marks the first and monumental step forward in the world of airway malacia. More awareness equals more children getting correctly diagnosed and treated. Lives will be saved and caregivers will be heard. From a mother who told it was it was just some noisy breathing, who was dismissed by multiple doctors, who had to fill her daughter's lungs with her own breath. Thank you, Mayor. Thank you for standing with us on July 10th, World Airway Disorders Day!"

CWL Founder Stephanie Hueston, Board Member Christine Amaro, and Juliana Amaro
I am so proud to be part of an organization that has been able to support so many airway families over the past 12 years. To have July 10th recognized as World Airway Day by the township of Middletown is a huge milestone.
Spreading awareness and advocating and support for children and families newly diagnosed with an airway malacia is what CWL was established.
Thank you to all who are helping us through this amazing journey and thank you Stephanie for recognizing the need for awareness and support and creating this safe place, we would not be here without you.
- Board Member Christine Amaro

Airway Day Proclamation

CWL is currently in need of handmade blankets, small infant toys, and personal-care items to include in their care packages. Donations can be dropped off at 55 Leonardville Road Belford, NJ 07718 or shipped directly to the organization via their Amazon Wishlist.

A special thank you to:

Dr. Prasad Thottam of Michigan Pediatric Ear, Nose, and Throat Associates (Michigan).

Dr. Samuel Engel of Coastal Ear, Nose, and Throat (Neptune, NJ).

The Amaro Family.

Mayor of Middletown Tony Perry, Raven Rentas, and staff.

To the Stronger Than Stridor community who attended in-person and virtually, thank you for sharing such a monumental and special night with us!

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